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Publishing – Done!  Your Marketing, PR, Planning, Social Media, Web Design, Publishing, and New Media Profit Team! Our team of professionals are here to help you publish your book. Self-Publishing can be a great idea but do you have the experience you need to do it properly? We want to help you reach all of your goals with your books.  Whether you are thinking about writing your first book, you have already released your first book and didn’t have the sales that you hoped for, or you have published several books and are looking for a publisher to help you move to begin writing full time, we have the experienced staff to take your writing to the next level. We plan your book launch or book revival, your cover design, book editing, marketing plans, book printing, audiobook creation, author web design and site management, book weekly audio series, and everything else a book needs.  Of course we don’t write the book for you. That is your job but our experienced staff can handle everything else. Register for our Newsletter Now

Book Marketing

We develop a complete marketing plan so that when you finish your book you can sell it. Learn More


Our professional experienced staff can turn your book into an eBook and distribute it to Amazon and all the other places people buy eBooks. Learn More

AudioBook Production

Our experienced voice talent can turn your book into a work of audio art. We also will handle all the distribution of your audiobook. Learn More

Podcast Series

Our experienced staff can turn your book into a weekly podcast with no upfront cost to extend the shelf life of your book. Learn More

Book Launch

Build it and they will come.. does not work with a book. Our staff will plan everything to launch your new book the way it needs to be done. From book launch pricing, set up your complete launch strategy, collect reviews from your launch team, and set your book up with the best promo sites for both paid and free.

Weekly Podcast Series

We can develop your book into a weekly 30 minute podcast. This can setup your book to be profitable for a long time. It will help us sell more hard copy books, audiobooks, ebooks, and help us sell more merchandise, and possibly sell video, TV and Movies.

Book Cover Design

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.. but everyone does. The cover is what the customer see’s and what they buy. Our professional graphic artist work with our marketing team to develop all of your cover art. Out team understands what type of cover sells in every genre or niche. We use the research we have done to plan your cover to get the book to sell.

Translation Services

If your book is just available in English (The 3rd most used language) then our Foreign Translation Service is what you need to expand your audience to Mandarin (most used), Spanish (2nd most used), French and many other language for eBook, paper book and Audio.

Book Editing

Our experienced editors will handle all of your Copy Editing, Line Editing, Query Letter Editing, and your Book Synopsis Editing.

Book Revival

Did you write a great book and self publish it and sales not take off? Did you have a publisher but they left all the marketing to you or make your book and orphan? Our staff will plan everything to revive your book book and revive your career.

Video Series

We can develop your book into a weekly video series, movie or animation series for distribution over the internet.

NMP Self Publish Training Program

If you want to self-publish your books you can do that. There are many things that you need to do. Our staff has put together a program so you can pick and choose one class that you need or go thru the full school that will teach you everything you need step by step.

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Our Founders Statement About Our Core Beliefs

We started in business as a podcast publisher. With the uptick of self publishing I found new authors ever day. However many gave up because they did not have the publishing support or experience themselves to produce a cover and market the book so it would sell. So NewMediaProfit.com was born in 2018 to become a hybrid publisher. We can handle everything except writing the book for you! We can do that either as your publisher or Ala Carte with just the items you need. David Thornton Founder