Cost of Self Publishing A Book in 2019

A Detailed View of Full Expenses

You already know there is a cost to self-publishing a book that includes cover design, printing, cover design, editing, promotions, audiobook  publishing, training and all of those dollars come out of your pocket so make sure you to it right!


You came up with a great idea for your book, you went thru your drafts and created an amazing book that everyone could love. Now how do you get it published since the big publishers no longer take a shot on anything but sure things.

Everyone is talking about self-publishing. Should you try it. You have read the sites that say pay $99 for my training book and you can sell a million copies of the book and make a fortune overnight.

Well that’s not exactly the truth. The real truth is that you certainly could make money self-publishing your book but that isn’t going to happen without a bunch of knowledge and work on your part.

Self-publishing has broken down a lot of barriers for writers and dramatically lowered the costs of publishing a book, but there are still some involved.

The first thing you have to look at is the actual dollar cost of self-publishing the book. That includes editing by a professional editor, book cover design by a professional, formatting the book, cost of promotion, setup of the book at the printer, printing and shipping.

Here’s what we will cover about the cost to publish a book:

  1. Self-publishing’s rise to break down access and cost.
  2. What are the real cost of cover design.
  3. The cost of a professional editor and why it is necessary.
  4. Cost of Formatting your book for print or eBook
  5. What are the cost of marketing your book
  6. What are the cost of Audiobook publishing.
  7. Added tools you will need to self-publish properly.
  8. Does self-publishing make sense or would a hybrid publisher make more sense.

Since the explosion of digital books on Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, iBooks, and others, new authors and professional authors alike can write, publish and promote their book for less than $1,000.

You can also easily spend as much as $20,000 on self-publishing and marketing cost and never make enough to cover it.

“…you certainly could make money self-publishing your book but that isn’t going to happen without a bunch of knowledge and work on your part. “

1. Self-publishings rise

If you want to write a book and publish it to millions of people you can now make it happen. It does take an investment a little time which you can recoup if you do it correctly by getting paid for your time, some money which you can earn back by selling your books and a touch of sanity but you are going to continue to lose that anyway.
The real question is how much are you willing to spend and how well do you want your book to sell?
The cost of publishing varies greatly but as a self-published author you can plan on spending between $250-$5,000 to publish your book.
We can take a look at a budget-conscious breakdown for self publishing.
ItemDetailsAverage Cost
Professional Cover DesignEveryone Judges a book by it’s cover. Without a professional cover forget recouping any of your cost because IT WILL NOT SELL!$100 – $549
Professional EditingEven if you are an expert writer with many best sellers you still need an extra set of eyes on it.$300 – $7,500
FormattingA book must have proper formatting for paperback, hardback  and for Ebook. This could be included with cover design.$50 – $500
PromotionIf you want to run ads for your book on facebook, be able to promote your book on podcasts and radio, have giveaway hard copies for reviewers, and otherwise be capable of actually selling your book then these are costs you will have to cover.$100 – $5000
Author ToolsThis includes courses, building your web site, automated email services, writing software, $175+
Printing and Shipping25 paperback books with shipping$250

2. What are the real cost of cover design.

Everyone judges a book by its cover! The cover of your book will determine if people will actually pay for it. Your cover will make or break you from the start.
This is not something you want to go cheap on!
Sure you can find someone on Fiverr to do it for $20 or less. They may be a talented artist but they will not have the inside market knowledge to tailor your book cover for your genre and they will not deliver a cover that will sell your book.

3. The cost of a professional editor and why it is necessary.

You must hire a high-quality book editor if you want to sell your book. Even authors with several New York Times Best Sellers have editors. This is not a place to cut corners and find your old english teacher. Shop around for an editor because the rates vary greatly from one to the next. Find one that works in your genre because they will have the knowledge that you need to get your book edited properly. A book with typos will immediately get bad reviews and sales will come to a screeching halt!

4. Cost of Formatting your book for print or eBook

You will need to format for both print and for Kindle. You can outsource this on Fiverr for $50-$250.

When you find a formatter that you like, you need to hang onto their contact information! 

5. What are the cost of marketing your book

Marketing your book is one that could cost you everything if you spend too little.. or if you spend too much.

You must set a budget and stick with it. The best way to handle this is set a budget of $x.xx and stick with it. If this is your first book you need to plan on a Minimum of $500-1,000 to get things started. You can do it for less but every dime less is going to hurt you. 

If you do not have enough money to do this marketing then you really should consider submitting your manuscript to New Media Profit because you don’t have to spend with money upfront for promotion and most other costs.

6. What are the cost of Audiobook publishing.

Creating an audiobook can run you andwhere from $250 to $5,000 depending on the talent, editing and the length of the book.

There are places where you can find someone to do it for a percentage of audiobook sales and that will save you money upfront.

If you have a good voice you can purchase the audio equipment or rent it from New Media Profit and record the audio version yourself.

7. Added tools you will need to self-publish properly.

There are other basic tools you will need and want to publish your book. 

Many are one time payments but others will cost you monthly and yearly.

Book Publishing Courses – 

If you are new to self publishing you will want to take New Media Profits Self Publishing Basics A School and you should take New Media Profits – Self Publishing Advanced C School

Author Website

Building an author website is imperative to being able to sell your book. 

It is also imperative to be able to capture leads for your books and determine your primary audience.

In order to build your website here are some basics you will need.

Scrivener will cost you $49.00 one time but is the best word processing software (available for both Mac and Windows) to to write your book with.

WordPress Hosting at Site Ground starts at only $3.95 per month.

Domain Name will cost you $10.00 per year at 1and1.com

Collecting the email address of your potential readers is important for future sales. You will need an account with convert kit or one of the other email subscription companies to be able to collect these and communicate with them. 

ConvertKit.com will cost you about $29.00 per month to start but you can begin with SiteBlue for free then move to ConvertKit.com when you hit around 1,000 subscribers.

8. Does self-publishing make sense or would a hybrid publisher make more sense.

Now it is time for the real answer.. can you self publish or should you be thinking about a publisher like New Media Profit?

The answer is straight forward and convoluted at the same time. If you have some cash saved up AND the business and technical experience to handle everything above then yes … you can self publish. Take a look at New Media Profit’s full Self Publishing C School for complete training and step by step instructions.

On the other hand if you don’t have all of that then you should look at a publisher. While we don’t accept every book we certainly will look at every book idea. 

After we hear your idea and read your book we will either accept you as an author and then you don’t have to worry about having all the experience and abilities. We have the experience and the people to be able to do everything you need other than writing the book. That is on you!

You can submit your book idea or your manuscript here!

We look at and consider each and every one. Our owner has seen way to many outstanding authors that self publish without the marketing ability who give up after one book. We want to be able to publish each and every book and we expect that we will both make money if we accept your book.

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