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About New Media Profit

Led by a group of media, marketing and internet specialist, New media profit is dedicated to partnering with authors to allow authors to write the book while we handle the rest for you.
We are the publisher of the future. sign a publishing contract with us to do everything other than write the book, enjoy our free classes on self publishing, or take one of our full classes on everything you need to know about planning, marketing and selling your book!

Today you need support because you have to do it all yourself. The difference between a author that works full time as a barista at a coffee house or a waitress or a truck driver and one that actually makes a money writing a book is marketing. You have to make your old fashioned book into New Media. 

At New Media Profit, our staff are marketing experts, editing experts, design experts and internet experts 

Sure, there are many companies out there that will supposedly “do it for you”, but are they really just doing it to you. Feel free to ask our competitors to put their money where their mouth is! They will not! But we do every single day. Instead of taking $1000 per week from you up front and then saying thanks we will do our best. We say, how about you pay us based on our ability to sell your book! 

We will do all of the marketing for you and put all of our expertise into it because we only make money when you make money! We will sell your book and we will make money doing it, which means so will you. We will turn your book and your ideas into NEW MEDIA!  



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Our professional experienced staff can turn your book into an eBook and distribute it to Amazon and all the other places people buy eBooks.

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Audio Book Production

Our experienced voice talent can turn your book into a work of audio art. We also can handle all the distribution of your audiobook.

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Weekly Series

Our experienced staff can turn your book into a weekly series with no upfront cost to extend the shelf life of your book.

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