What Publisher do you need?

Not long ago, you had one choice to get your book published and on bookstore shelves. You had to have one of the big publishers willing to pick your book up and handle the publishing for you. Chances of that happening were not very good.

The with the change to online book stores, Amazon, the tablet and Audible things started to change. Self publishing has become a possibility for anyone to make money writing a book and becoming an author. But the real question is can you make a living writing self published books?  The average self published ebook sells 250 copies in the life of the book. At the sweet spot price of $2.99 that means that an author selling the average number of books will make about $523.25 dollars in royalties from their ebook. 

Yes there are ways to sell more than the average! It will take work, and a lot of work, or money, but it can be done. 

Now you can work with us at New Media Profit! Without spending a ton of money! The New Media – Profit Done! program will cost you no money upfront. We are looking for authors to publish right now and in the future. Make us your publisher today!